Vaggelis Fragiadakis

The Faces that Tell the Story



Looking at these pictures by Vaggelis Fragiadakis, one cannot help but wonder how these people lived and go about their lives. For those who are not aware of Crete and its people, it is a unique island in the south of the Aegean Sea. Its people are a force to be reckoned with: fearless, hard working, proud and family centered. Through the ages they have been farmers, laborers and are also employed in the tourism sector which has increased significantly during the past 40 years. Lastly throughout history, Cretans have turned into warriors to defend the island when situations arose against invaders.

One important thing they are known for is their love for life. Any chance they have, they celebrate life by dancing the famous Cretan dances, singing their songs, sharing their hospitality with relatives, friends and people coming in contact. They are also known for their pure locally made olive oil, baked breads, cheese, wine, tsikoudia (an alcohol drink produced mainly for local consumption), grapes, local grown fruits and vegetables.




The geography of the island is very diverse, offering everything from beautiful beaches, to high snowcapped mountains, to deep long gorges. Ancient sites are disbursed throughout the island.

In the faces of the people photographed here, one wonders what kind of stories can be told by just looking at these sunburned, wind-chiseled, laughter wrinkled and expressive faces. How many celebrations have they participated in; how many sorrows have they felt; how much hard work have they had to do in order to provide for their families against all odds? I suppose, that is for you to find out after you meet them and they extend you their smile and hospitality.


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Posted: May 18, 2014

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