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Follow Your Calling and Make It Happen

Today I want to talk about the people who might at times rain on your parade. Let’s say say you plan to start something new, a new endeavor, business, side online business, etc., the moment your close friends and relatives realize this, you start hearing their not so encouraging comments.

Are you sure you want to do this? You might be wasting your time and money. Why don’t you stick with the “job syndrome”, at least you play it safe? That’s what they will always say.

What would you do at this point? Do you just subside, take a deep breath and stay with the status quo? Or are do you nicely agree to disagree and do it your way?

In life all of us know people that persevered against all odds and followed their hearts and made their mark in the world while leading fulfilling lives. Some of us have tried to do certain things to please relatives and friends only to find out that we were not pleasing ourselves.

Take my word for it, through years of life observations and not just nearly living, it is better to love what you do than do something for all the wrong reasons. You’ve heard the expression that when you love something it’s not work, time spent this way doesn’t matter. You cannot wait to start your day and immerse yourself in your craft. I’m sure you know of people in your circles who no matter how advanced in years, they lead fulfilling lives filled with curiosity and vitality,enjoying what they do. You see that with doctors, actors, artists and entrepreneurs.

They live their work, they breathe their work and it does not feel like a job. The goal for all of us is to love what we do.

Only a couple of months ago Rita Moreno received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the SAG awards at the young age of 82. She’s full of spirit, light, energy and life and is only one of eleven people who have won an Emmy, a Grammy,an Oscar and a Tony.

That should tell us something. To great fun and productive lives ahead.

Posted: March 24, 2014

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