Why Don’t You Stop?


Sometimes life seems like a swirling ocean that continues to break waves in an un-ending succession of white-capped peaks. Things happen and continue to happen and you are left with very little time to consider choices because you are too busy trying to navigate the waters that are churning.

What happens if you were to stop treading water?

Your reply may be, you may drown.

Well, what if you don’t go under? What if you take it easy, rest and float on your back for a little while in the middle of the vast ocean?

It may seem counter-intuitive, but sometimes, that is exactly what you need to do. Sometimes punching and continuing to slug it out is the wrong course of action. Consistently being on offense without rest weakens you. It only becomes a matter of time until you reach a point where you become too tired to go on.

So, rest is required.

Within a cyclone, we know there can be calm weather in the center, or eye of the storm. You have fought the front end of the battle, and then there is a moment when you have to just stop and take stock of what you have done before moving forward.

Take that time to breathe and assess what you have learned. We are always learning. Whether we choose to apply the lessons we learn is another matter, but if you are paying some attention to what your life experiences are, you are always learning. If you take a moment to look back at the path you have carved out, you will find a landscape full of lessons for you.

When you have reviewed these lessons, then you can start to plan your next course of action. Is it more effective to swim against the current or to go with the current? At what time is it most advantageous to move? What resources do you now have at your disposal? What do you need for the next stage and how do you obtain it when you are in the middle of a heated battle? Can you improvise something? What goals will you create for yourself so you can assess whether or not you are getting closer to shore?

It is only when you have had the opportunity to stop and rest that you will be able to see your situation clearly enough to continue the path forward. When you have taken the time, in the middle of the challenge, to assess what has happened and what is happening, it is only then you will have the knowledge to be able to think clearly about what the next course of action should be.

It is when you have had some time to assess what has happened that you can clearly make any adjustments, and in addition, you can acquire the necessary rest you need to be able to then reach into the reserves you have stored to continue to move forward.

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Posted: September 27, 2014

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