How to do Social Good and Feel Great About It


How would you feel if you are able to bring some good to society, give a helping hand to people struggling around you and at the same time feel good about doing so? It does not matter whether you are a Millennial, Gen-Xer, Boomer or part of the Greatest Generation, donating, giving to charity or volunteering, you can still give of your time or money and see an immediate impact.

Volunteering is more grassroots and organic, and allows you to experience the work of a charity. Find a mission that represents you. It does not need to be elaborate and difficult to grasp. Case and point: A soup kitchen. Volunteer some of your time one day to serve some meals for the elderly. I did this with my family for Thanksgiving one year and I received more than I ever thought possible. I realized I benefited so much in spirit and the fulfillment from the act was something unforgettable. You can contribute toward meals for children of the Appalachia region. Many of them go to bed hungry.

In Kentucky, for example, between 2010 and 2012 about 15.6% of the population was ” food insecure”, which meant that at times throughout the year their families were not able to afford food. There are many ways each one of us can help by supporting local food banks or other local projects where the goals are to feed, clothe, house and even provide disaster relief for families and the elderly. You can always start at home where there are so many organizations supporting various groups in need or you can help in faraway places for equally valuable causes.

Dollars can get you very far when you are contributing to a specific cause in Africa, for example. Take micro-funding – $100 loans start businesses for the people in Africa. Even less buys desks for children in Malawi, many of whom sit on the dirt floor to study as opposed to a desk in school. You can help support a young African who makes lamps by hand to donate to children so they are able to study at night. These children work all day to help their families survive and they are so poor that they study by candle light at night, which is not conducive to their eyes or study.

Doing even small things can help you see results immediately. The smile from an elderly man who needed a meal in a soup kitchen, providing food to a family in the United States who can not buy food, $100 for a business in Africa, a desk, a lamp – all simple things that we sometimes take for granted, but they can make an incredible difference in the life of one person.

Doing good and making change immediately is something almost anyone can do and all it takes is just a little bit of time or money and a desire to make a difference.

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Posted: May 9, 2014

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