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The Real Importance of Loved Ones

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Most of us, no matter who we are, get up in the morning and start a certain routine every day. Dress, get ready and go to work. Whether working for someone or being self employed, meeting people, working from home, we all have our goals and strive to accomplish them by doing certain things each day that brings us closer to our plans.

But why do we do all this? If it weren’t for someone or others in our life, what is the point of working so hard? Is it to impress us or others? For some, no matter how much wealth/assets they have, it is never enough. They want more. They love the adrenaline of the next “deal”.

Most people work by rote since they believe this is the thing to do. When we reach success why keep on going? Yes, it may make us feel good about ourselves that we have reached somewhere but is that all it is? After we conquered the mountain, are we ready for the next peak?

Most of us do it for our little group of people that we call loved ones, family, significant others. What is the point of striving to make it, sacrificing life for work if not in order to enjoy the proceeds with your loved ones?

We all heard the expression, “You can’t take your assets or possessions with you”, very true indeed. Why then not enjoy your good fortune, aside of family of course, and bring some good to some people you don’t know? There are so many needs around us. Unfortunately due to life’s demands, many of us live lives on autopilot. We are all so busy running around all day long, but are we productive?

Try to schedule time for work, but schedule some time breaks in between.

Decompress even for a few minutes.

Be mindful of your day-to-day actions. Live in the present, not in the past, because the past is gone. The future is not yet here and following that route might make you totally miss how you live now!

Try to enjoy life with your loved ones. Schedule time away, even for a couple of days, just to reconnect. It is great to be part of a family, but family requires work. A happy family requires members to be sensitive to each other’s needs. It requires a team approach and above all requires that you show you care while not taking anything for granted.

You can even extrapolate “Happy at home…Happy outside”.

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Posted: July 11, 2014

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