The Lost Art of the Thank You


I meet people every day. In a typical week, I am called, have a meeting, receive an email or am introduced to someone new. I make it a point to stay connected with new people I meet whom I think I can help. I believe in the principal of net-weaving.

One thing that I sometimes find, which would go a long way, is the simple “thank you”. I wonder if it is becoming a lost art. I am not the only one who thinks this and have had this conversation with friends and colleagues. Actually, it really isn’t an art when you think about it; it’s simply common courtesy.

My parents raised me to reach out and to serve. I do this as much as I can. In today’s world, we are all living at hyper-speed and that’s ok. When someone new reaches out to me for something, I quickly assess if I can be of service. If I can, I am all in. If I can’t, I let them know and I try not to waste anyone’s time. No matter what, I am always appreciative of the time they took to reach out to me.

No one is an island and no one can do everything alone. So, to that end, I sometimes find myself reaching out to people to help me on something or I hear about colleagues who network in the hopes of developing new business. However, time and again, I have seen opportunities for a sale or new business being presented to someone who does not care or appreciates the effort.

I think, it’s something much more simple. Common courtesy seems to be going the way of the old horse and buggy, and at the end of the day, that makes bad business sense.

The fact of the matter is that no matter how great your product or service is, you are probably not going to get new business or make the sale if someone does not trust you. Being appreciative of what someone can do for you – perhaps provide you with new business – is important. We need to remember that this world, nor anyone in it, owes us anything.

So, we need to understand that although our customers or clients might have a need, there is still someone else that can probably provide them the service and the fact that they are considering you is important. As powerful as Apple is, it still has competition from Android.

If you don’t treat the people who are trying to make your life or business better with appreciation, you will lose their loyalty. Sure, you may get the short-term goal of some immediate business from them, but you will lose their loyalty and eventually their business. Clients and customers want to be appreciated.

In today’s world, it is important to go back to basics in order to stay ahead of your competition. Going back to basics means treating your client or customer with respect and appreciation. It means taking a genuine interest in what they need and want and seeing how your product or service can make it happen for them.

It doesn’t take that much effort to show your gratitude, and if you do, you will stand out from your competitor.

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Posted: September 30, 2014

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